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The Black Eyes line is the result of 12 years of experience in Perfumes, cosmetics & body care, creating high quality products in its own special way. Black Eyes maintains a standard of originality and exquisite luxury to satisfy the most demanding public, those who want more than the normal standards of high class perfumery, and are looking for something more than a simple marketing product. Black Eyes’s strong point is in taking the perfumer's art to its extreme where it becomes a masterpiece. Black Eyes perfumes are presented in the most elegant form that presentation design is able to offer Art, luxury and exclusivity are the main concepts that black eyes communicates to its customers. The inspiration for black eyes fragrances is found in natural plants with the attractive designs and high quality . Black Eyes is a mixture of fragrant essential oils, thus creating one of the noblest most luxurious perfumes ever produced. Black Eyes strives to improve customer satisfaction, through a process of total quality management. We have a specific reference to key performance indicators in research and development and testing of quality of production, filling and packaging product emphasizes quality and reduce costs , Thus in Black Eyes were not will sacrifice quality over price. Our team of continuous search for product development , We have experts in the field of manufacture of perfumes, with the support By R & D team, and the development of high-quality perfumes for women and men on the basis of climatic conditions Appropriate for use. Black Eyes is manufacturing , filling and packing of perfumes and cosmetics in cooperation with PARFUMAX “American Co. “ & COSMOLUXE “French Co.” which are specialized in perfumes and industries. We hope you will appreciate and enjoy the unique character of this perfume.