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Shipping & Returns

Shipping and taxes are supposed to be calculated in accordance with the country and the used delivery method. Cash on delivery is only available within Saudi Arabia All purchases are expected to be shipped and delivered to customer through shipping companies within 2 to 8 working days to Saudi Arabia, It may take longer outside Saudi Arabia which differs from a country to another, you can track your shipment through the shipping company's website.

Replacement and recovery policy.

make sure that the goods remain in their original condition then call customer care number 0114141868 and tell them about the products you are intending to replace and the new products you want, and they will certainly serve you perfectly. In case you want to replace the order or part of it, call the customer care number 0114141868 . You will be directed to the nearest division to deliver the product and receive the new one or the processing team will send your new goods with a delivery agent, and the agent will receive the goods from you.

In case you wish to receive the amount of goods returned in cash, you will be directed to the nearest division to deliver the product in good condition, or send the delivery representative to receive the product and after receipt and confirmation of the status, contact the customer care team and provide them with the account number to transfer the value of goods to your account.